The Missions Will No Longer Take Summers Off - Sam Stecher

It has been my practice to give the Missions of the summer off. As the school year comes to a close in May I’ve always closed up shop on the Missions for the summer vacation. This habit has its roots in the place had its start. As educators focused on the interaction between stakeholders in the school community it just seemed natural to close up shop when the weather got warm and kick it up again in the fall.

As the scope and reach of the has grown I’ve become more active with its voice in the summer. So the keeping the Missions in full gear year round fits in the with momentum already in place. More importantly, that reach and scope, it keeps growing. The Missions were fundamentally based in teachers connecting with students. What I’ve learned in practice (and probably always intuitively known and believed) it that this about people interacting with people, regardless of who they are, and uplifting the community, workplace, and individual relationships they are invested in. So these Missions, full blast all year round from hence forth because these interactions, these relationships, matter all year.