Help us keep what's happening in 2019 going.

Let's start this with a thanks #MissionMonday family. If you check out The Events link at MissionMonday you will see the most substantial line up in our history. 2019 is taking us more place than we have ever been. It's also the most diverse. We are speaking at schools and businesses, rural and urban settings, locally and nationally. And there is more in the works. We couldn't do this without all of the support and love we get from our MissionMonday community. So thanks family. We appreciate it.

That said, let's keeping it rolling. When we have the opportunity to speak, people are going to laugh and learn. It will be time well spent. It will positively impact your culture and climate. More importantly it's just a jumping off point where we connect for a sustainable relationship. After finish speaking the Missions and the engagement keep coming. An hour of inspiration and validation is great but the motivation and tools to stay driven is what we are all about. That's what you get when MissionMonday brings the message to you.

So family, please keep liking, sharing, retweeting, rating, subscribing, posting about, and telling people face to face about MissionMonday. Tell people that MissionMonday is worth it. Tell people to bring us in for events and conferences.

We would love it if making the world a better place one interaction at a time be could be our full time endeavor. 2019 is bringing us closer than ever to that becoming a reality. We firmly believe that all of you out there are the difference in what makes that that happen.

You are awesome.

Keeping being awesome.