We think it would be awesome to be part of your plan.

It's 2018 and we are betting you have some things planned. I'm betting they are big plans too.

Plans you want to get right.

Plans to make a difference.

Plans that matter.

We would like to be part of those plans. We want to help you make a difference. We want to help you get it right.

How can we help?

First things first on that-

Keep coming here. Keep checking out our Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Keep up to date with what we have at MissionMonday.com. It's all for free and it's going to keep coming. Ideas and inspiration to make your school or workplace community better one interaction at a time.

Next thing-

Share what we say. If it's on a blog, podcast, tweet, live video, or post share it. Retweet it. Print it out and pass it on. The more eyes on this the greater the positive impact. We can't stress this enough. It is means so much to us when what we contribute through our words makes it to the eyes and ears of someone new and makes a difference.


If you have an event we want to be at it. From keynotes and to a full day of professional development, we have you covered. It will be funny. It will be meaningful. It will make a difference. We don't let people down. We lift them up. More importantly we give you the ideas to maintain the momentum after your event. We have a few things lined up for 2018 but we are up for more. Give us a shout and we can get the ball rolling.

We know you are planning on being awesome. We think it would be awesome to be part of your plan.

You can read more of what Mark and Sam have to say in their book It Happens In The Hallway. Just click here. 

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