What's next? - Sam Stecher

What’s next?

A whole load of my cognitive energy has been focused on that notion since before this school year started rolling.

What’s next?

What’s next for MissionMonday? Who will we be reaching next? Who will we share space with next? Who’s handing us a microphone next? What are we saying next? Where’s the next destination?

What’s the next big thing?

That especially. What’s the next big thing?

I started thinking about this because I am a car geek. If it has wheels and a go fast pedal I’m into it. Being a lousy driver hasn’t deterred my interest. Now is a great time to be into cars. The access to learning about cars (really learning about everything) is unprecedented right now. If you are an automotive enthusiast the fuel for your enthusiasm is available in spades. One of the things fueling my enthusiasm is a YouTube channel called the The Smoking Tire hosted by a guy named Matt Farah. Matt posted a video talking about the show itself rather than cars. In this video he mentioned the advice, or lack thereof, he gives people. He said frequently people ask him what advice would he give someone who wanted to start their own YouTube car show. Matt flatly says that he can’t give relevant advice because so much has changed from when he started. Meaning when he went on YouTube he had one of the only shows of its kind but now everyone else has to start in a saturated market and he doesn’t have that experience.

And that’s what got me thinking.

What’s next?

What’s the next big thing? For watt Mark and I do, for extending the reach of MissionMonday to positively impact more school communities, What’s next? What can we be early adopters of so that we become charter members of the platform, part of something that defines whatever this next big thing is, and use it to make a bigger difference in quality of people’s lives?

By the way if it’s you who happens to know the next big thing, I’m listening.

I think that this focus on What’s next? is a pretty good spot for my head to be in. Mark and I have always been in this for the long haul. Spending time in 2017 thinking about how we can take measures now to make a difference in 2027 is what we ought to do when we are as invested as we are in what we believe.

There’s another element of What’s next? that’s just as important to keep in mind. The immediate What’s next? As in there is someone in your school community that needs your next What’s next? right now. In Henry VI the Duke of Alençon says "Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends." That's actually the opposite of Mark's life philosophy but this isn't his blog. So I'm saying do not delay. Get on this now. Get on the immediate What's next? with some urgency.  

What’s the next individual positive interaction you can have with someone?

Who is it with?

How soon can it happen?

How’s it going to make you feel?

That’s the most important What’s next?

That’s my What’s next?

I’m about to finish the last few sentences of this post. I’m going to close my computer and save the proofreading for later. I’m going to step into my hallway and ask someone to tell me about the best part their day. You should too. Keep the long game in mind but remember that your most important What’s next? is right now.

You can read more of what Mark and Sam have to say in their book It Happens In The Hallway. Just click here.